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  • Why choose Southern Flair Lashes over synthetic lashes?
    Synthetic lashes are designed for short-term wear, only 2-4 wears. While they are a cheaper option, they do not offer the same comfort, longevity, and natural look of Southern Flair's (SFLs) Korean Silk Lashes. SFLs korean silk collection is lightweight and comfortable with a natural curl & shine that synthetic lashes do not have. Our lashes have been sterilized and handcrafted to deliver the most natural looking silk ashes available at a price point that everyone can afford. They are hypoallergenic and free from all dyes.
  • How many times can Southern Flair Lashes korean silk collection be worn?
    With the right TLC (tender loving care) Southern Flair Lashes korean silk collection can be worn up to 15 times. Please know that over time some natural shedding of the lashes could occur, and is normal.
  • Are animals hurt to create your lashes?
    Proudly we want you to know that we do not harm any animals during the production of our collection.
  • Do Southern Flair Lashes come in multiple sizes?
    Southern Flair Lashes mink collection comes in one standard size as this allows you the opportunity to custom trim them to fit your eyes.
  • Why don't my lashes look exactly like the picture shown?
    Due to our lash collection being handcrafted there may be very slight variations in each lash, but there will never be any drastic differences.

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